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Kelly’s Podcast on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

So, Avvo recently interviewed me for a podcast on the basics of consumer bankruptcies. Although it is never fun to listen to your own recorded voice, I have listened to it and I think there is some good information in there. And a lot of it is the same information that I go over with clients in initial consultations. Here are the questions that I answer:

- When filing for bankruptcy, most consumer have two choices – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Before we get into each one, what is the main difference between the two?
- What makes someone best suitable to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? What are the advantages of doing so?
- What is the expected process for filing for Chapter 7 – do you need a lawyer?
- What about Chapter 13 bankruptcy – who most often files for Chapter 13 and what are their advantages?
- What is the expected process for filing for Chapter 13 – do you need a lawyer?
- Obviously filing for bankruptcy impacts your credit score, how long does it usually take to recover? Will I ever be able to get a credit card, or buy a home or car in the future?

I will give you a warning, it is a long podcast (I had a lot of ground to cover) so you really do have to be interested in bankruptcy to listen!

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